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2011 Farm and operator table by geography


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2011 Census of Agriculture table by geography
Table Summary
This table displays the results of a user-defined request from the Census of Agriculture farm and farm operator data. From the initial view (location as column header and variables as row headers) the user has elected to see the variables as column headers and the location as a row header. This view displays the lower levels of geography contained within the user-selected geography.
Fruits, berries and nuts, 2011
Cranberries total area
Geography farms reporting acres hectares
Newfoundland and Labrador (PR 100000000) 16 190 77
Prince Edward Island (PR 110000000) 17 110 45
Nova Scotia (PR 120000000) 20 315 127
New Brunswick (PR 130000000) 28 866 350
Quebec (PR 240000000) 72 7,100 2,873
Ontario (PR 350000000) 7 66 27
Manitoba (PR 460000000) 2 X X
Saskatchewan (PR 470000000) 5 X X
Alberta (PR 480000000) 9 21 8
British Columbia (PR 590000000) 91 6,519 2,638

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General Notes

  • The nine-digit geographic code at the end of the geographic names comprises two digits for the province, two for the Census Agricultural Region, two for the Census Division and three for the Census Consolidated Subdivision.

  • There have been significant refinements in the geographic assignment of agricultural operations and changes in Census Consolidated Subdivision boundaries between 2011 and 2006 making Census Consolidated Subdivisions for these two censuses not comparable.

  • Due to confidentiality constraints, the data for one or more geographic areas having very few farms may be combined with the data from another Census Consolidated Subdivision or Census Division. For the names of the geographic areas amalgamated access Geographic area amalgamations.

  • Other boundary changes mean that caution should be taken when comparing the data for the following Census Agricultural Regions and Census Divisions: in New Brunswick, CAR 130400000, CAR 130100000, CD 130409000 and CD 130110000; in Quebec, CD 241346000 and CD 241347000; and in Ontario, CD 350551000 and CD 350552000.

  • Also in British Columbia there was one boundary change where Census Division 590125000 was split into Census Division 590124000 and Census Division 590126000. Census Division 590125000 no longer exists.



  • Statistics Canada, 2011 Census of Agriculture, Farm and Farm Operator Data, catalogue no. 95-640-XWE.

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