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Farm and farm operator data

Now all 2011 farm and farm operator data are available without charge on CANSIM: Tables 004-0200 to 004-0242.

All data will remain available in the original application accessible from the "search Census of Agriculture data" button below until January 5, 2015, at which point the dynamic application will be terminated. The data will only be available on CANSIM.

2011 Census of Agriculture

Picture of round bales of straw. Photo: Paul Rainville

In 2011, Canada had 205,730 census farms, a decrease of 10.3% (or 23,643 farms) since the last census.

The total land on farms stands at 160,155,748 acres, down 4.1% since 2006.

Compared to 2006, the average size of a Canadian farm increased from 728 acres to 778 acres, a growth of 6.9%.

For the first time, operators in the age group 55 and over represented the largest share of total operators. They accounted for 48.3% compared to 40.7% in 2006, up from 32.1% in 1991.

Gross farm receipts grew by 3.9% (at 2010 constant prices) since 2005 in Canada. This growth occurred primarily on larger farms.

Read the May 10, 2012 edition of The Daily for concise analytical text or the Highlights and analysis for a complete analysis on national and provincial trends.

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